One legacy, as noxious as it was, Ghanaians still remember Mr. Mahama for was his dumsor debacle. The power crisis, by no means, mollified John Dramani Mahama as its repercussions were extremely unbearable.

For over four years, Ghanaians became victims of systematic course of ineptitude on the part of the Mahama administration. What was worse was the deceptive manner with which Ghanaians were consistently told that all was well when the opposite was the case.

There was a generational gap. The gap, fortunately, had nothing to do with infrastructure. There were enough generational plants to house the fuel needed to power our economy. What was the main challenge which they consistently failed to admit was the fact that there was no monies to purchase fuel to power our generators.

It was a generational problem fueled by lack of funds. Put simply, dumsor was a financial problem as the then administration failed to find monies to buy gas and petroleum for the consumption of the generators installed to provide us with power.

We are currently faced with a challenge which is millions of miles apart from the Mahama dumsor but bears some similarities with same at the same time. What cannot be denied is the fact that we have been experiencing power outages in certain parts of the country. The Minister of Energy, Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has said that though we are faced with power outages in some parts of the country, the reasons are different from the Mahama dumsor.

Unlike the generational problem we experienced under Mahama which was as a result of the then administration’s failure to find monies to purchase fuel, the current challenge is as a result of transmission hiccups.

GRIDCo, it has emerged, should have undertaken massive upgrades of its transmission lines. The transmission lines have suffered some ‘wear and tear’ and there hasn’t been much efforts to deal with this obsolescence over the years.

These obsolete transmission lines have been a major cause of losses of power in the transmission process. What GRIDCo carries in its lines depreciate before they reach their final destinations, thereby resulting in shortages in supply of power as demands are not met.

Of course, we have power outages but these cannot be put at the doorsteps of the Akufo-Addo administration. This is as a result of years of neglect of the transmission lines in terms of repairs. As the Energy Minister appealed, in a few months time, this stage shall be passed.

Mahama cannot extricate himself from his dumsor legacy. The current challenges cannot be blamed on President Akufo-Addo. Though it is not a pleasant situation we find ourselves, this storm shall be weathered soon.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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