It has become a hobby for some political activists, mainly from the opposition National Democratic Congress, to rain invectives on people, especially, men of God, who hold widely divergent views on matters which involve them.

Former Bishop of the Methodist Church, Bonsu Ayensu, appears to have nettled the opposition National Democratic Congress with a viewpoint he espoused.

According to Bishop Bosomtwe Ayensu, the intention of Mr. John Dramani Mahama to repeal the electronic levy if he comes to power ought not to be entertained as same would affect the financial health of the country.

He has, therefore, intimated that Mr Mahama would not even get the opportunity to come back to power to effect the repeal he talked about in his speech.

This opinion of the revered man of God has led to Mr Mahama sending his attack dogs after him, with all sorts of unprintable expressions and descriptions being used on Bishop Ayensu.

This kind of bullying is unhealthy for the democratic credentials of the country as it would appear that the clergy have no voice in the socio-economic development agenda of the country.

The clergy must not be denied a voice. They also are stakeholders in our political system and must not be suppressed in expressing their opinions.

The NDC, and for that matter, all political parties must ensure that they tolerate dissenting views or opinions. We can only build a better Ghana when all groups are allowed to express their views freely.


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