We are amazed at how some party people have taken Osei Kyei Mensah-Bonsu to the cleaners over his matter-of-factly comment that at this juncture in the NPP, a person who is a non-Akan but has the competence should be given the nod as the party’s presidential candidate.

In case they have forgotten, Mr. Mahama, in 2016, emphasized that the NPP would never allow a Northerner to lead the party and particularized his comments on Dr. Bawumia.

Moreover, when John Mahama as President was flying this dangerous and nation-wrecking tribal card, we didn’t see the so called Neutrals scold him.

In fact they gave it oxygen in their social media posts and interactions.

We are even not sure we heard NPP big wigs take him on publicly, but in their quiet moments, they were worried about that negative tag.

It’s the height of hypocrisy not naivety that where a person comes from plays a critical role in our body politick.

That may not be ideal but that’s the reality.

NPP has the brightest opportunity to shake off the unfortunate Akan party tag without sacrificing competence and loyalty.

Choosing Bawumia is not doing him or people from Northern part of Ghana a favour, it is not because of where he comes from, it is proving that the party is NOT what its detractors say it is; it is demonstrating the party recognises how lucky it is to attract people of stellar qualities from diverse backgrounds; and it is deepening the roots of the party in hitherto unchartered grounds.


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