The communications department of the ruling New Patriotic Party has come under intense scrutiny as many party faithfuls and political pundits have questioned the outfit over its handling of the FixTheCountry brouhaha.

The party’s communications outfit appears to be in tatters following the FixTheCountry campaign by a group of people on social media.

While the crusaders were all over the place throwing out false figures and information to justify their calls for the country to be fixed, the communications outfit of the party was nowhere to be found.

The general public needed information to counter the misinformation in the system, yet the party’s communications wing failed to live up to expectations.

The FixTheCountry advocates have had field days over the past two weeks or so simply because the body of the party responsible to stand up against such propaganda was slumbering.

It is against this backdrop that we call for the total overhaul of the party’s communications outfit. The leadership has failed and must be retired.

New people with fresh ideas must be instituted by the party to energize this outfit. The party needs managers and not just communicators. The research outfit of the communications department has proven to be lethargic. It needs to be changed.

For the party and government not to find its back against the wall anytime an issue crops up, the whole communication outfit, both government and party must be overhauled.

There must be a smooth collaboration between the party and government in their communication strategies.

Yes it is not in doubt that there is a Communication set up in place but the output is questionable.

The need for lubrication of the communication machineey cannot be over emphasised and ABC NEWS admits that leadership is not oblivious of this need.

The right human resources abound in both the party and government and so they should be harnessed.

For now, a total overhaul is imperative.


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