Jane Naana Breaks Silence On ‘Working With Rawlings’ Foreword

Jane Naana Breaks Silence On ‘Working With Rawlings’ Foreword

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Running mate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Prof Jane Naana Opoku- Agyemang, has expressed shock at the reactions her foreword in ‘working with Rawlings’ book garnered.

The book, written by Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, sought to catalogue events that took place in the NDC from its PNDC days with Jerry John Rawlings being the leader.

Prof Opoku- Agyemang was heavily criticised for subtly endorsing the content of the controversial book, an act many pundits opined would have dire consequences for her.

But, speaking in an interview on Accra-based Citi TV, she questioned the reactions, noting that, that was not her first foreword.

“This is not the first foreword I have written in my life but this is the foreword that received this reaction.

“A foreword is not a critique; it is not an introduction, not an analysis. When you are doing those kinds of assignments, there are different ways you go about them,” she said.

To her, the foreword was just to introduce the essence of the book.
Meanwhile, the book has come under serious scrutiny since its launch and the founder of the NDC, who happens to be the protagonist, has taken a serious view of some of its contents.

Many pundits have questioned the timing of the release of the book when in fact Mr Rawlings was seemingly being lured back to the NDC.

Mr Rawlings, and indeed some NDC stalwarts, have not taken kindly to its content, challenging some of the claims made.


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