In a land where basic laws would have to be foisted on the people before they live by the tenets of the Constitution, there is the need to put in place leaders who are seen to be a bit high-handed in their approaches.

The Greater Accra Regional Minister is winning the hearts and minds of well-meaning residents of Accra with his practical clean-up exercises. He is seen enforcing traffic, moving traders from unauthorized places, ensuring that Accra becomes the cleanest city we all anticipate it should be.

With expressions of considerable interest and wonderment, many Ghanaians believe that if all regional ministers approach their job with the zeal with which Hon. Henry Quartey has adopted, Ghana would be the envy of its peers.

While this is laudable, two main challenges loom large. The first is the ability to sustain this momentum over the course of the next four years as those affected would threaten to vote against the party in power. These threats, over the years, have been the bane to Accra’s inability to climb to the top as one of the cleanest if not the cleanest cities on the African continent.

A more formidable enemy to this applaudable crusade by Hon. Henry Quartey to rid Accra of filth and to bring sanity onto its roads is the opposition National Democratic Congress. This is a political party that proposes anti-development policies as long as that would give them advantage politically.

Sooner than expected, the NDC would unleash its communicators into the system to lampoon this all-important exercise with their sanctimonious pro-poor campaigns. The NDC, envious of the sea of commendations pouring in from all quarters for the Greater Accra Regional Minister, would mount spirited campaigns against this exercise in a manner that might hide their true intentions.

These communicators would label the clean-up exercise as insensitive to the plights of those polluting the city by their activities and cause disaffection for the government. The strategy would be to make a monster of the Akufo-Addo administration in the eyes of the people.

Trust the NDC to boldly capture how they would allow the people to trade on the streets of Accra in their 2024 manifesto. The NDC would milk this exercise in a manner that would give them advantage electorally. Much as the exercise being undertaken by Henry Quartey is worthy of commendations, its lifespan cannot be in perpetuity because the NDC is ever ready to erode the gains being made.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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