Leader of FixTheCountry Campaign Is NDC

When Honourable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong emphatically stated that those clamouring for the country to be fixed are all NDC members, many a Ghanaian disputed it.

Lawyer and lead advocate and convener for the FixTheCountry campaign, Barker H Vogues has been carrying himself as a neutral who has the well-being of Ghana at heart.

Barker H Vogues, otherwise known as Oliver, has never been neutral. He is a dyed in the wool member of the opposition NDC.

Prof. Raymond Atuguba was appointed as Secretary to President Mahama on 8th January, 2013.. It would interest readers to know that Barker H Vogues (Oliver) worked with Atuguba in his portfolio.

In fact, he worked under the same Raymond Atuguba when President Mills appointed him to the Constitutional Review Committee.

It stands to reason that his intentions are not genuine. It is not as though Mills or Mahama fixed Ghana’s challenges and Akufo-Addo came to destroy them.

Oliver and his team are pursuing a tendentious agenda with the ultimate aim of having Ghanaians endorsing Mahama and the NDC in 2024.

All those in the FixTheCountry campaign are either NDC or sympathetic towards their cause. Their intentions aren’t borne out of honesty.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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