2020 polls: Distribution of electoral materials 99% complete – EC

2020 polls: Distribution of electoral materials 99% complete – EC

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The Electoral Commission (EC) says it is about 99% complete with the distribution of electoral materials nationwide ahead of the December 7, 2020 polls.

This includes presidential ballot papers but excludes parliamentary ballot papers because the printing of such materials is still in progress.

Chairperson of the electoral management body, Jean Mensa disclosed this at an interaction with the Council of State on Friday, November 20, 2020.

“I am pleased to inform you that the Electoral Commission is 98 per cent ready for a successful, credible fair and peaceful conduct of the election in December. The Commission has procured a wide variety of election materials for the 2020 election. As we speak, the distribution of these items to our regional centres and districts have been completed and I can confirm that as a result of thorough planning, distribution and process deployed, we are almost 99 percent done with the distribution of election materials to the various location across the country. What we have outstanding currently are the parliamentary ballot papers to be sent to the regions. As we speak, the Presidential ballots have been sent and what is currently been distributed are the parliamentary ballots”, she said.

The EC also used the opportunity to deny allegations that some members of the security services involved in the election policing have been excluded from the special voters’ list.

Madam Mensa told the National House of Chiefs that all security personnel whose names were submitted have been included in the list.

Over 38,000 polling stations will be activated by the Electoral Commission for the 2020 polls.

12 presidential candidates have been approved by the EC to contest in the upcoming election.

Several other candidates are also contesting within the 275 constituencies nationwide hoping to become Members of Parliament.

The EC has already assured it is prepared to deliver successful, credible, fair and orderly elections on December 7, 2020.

Jean Mensa had earlier assured that issues related to procurement, logistics and the conduct of the election within a safe environment regardless of the advent of COVID-19 have been thrashed out.

She has said her outfit’s preparedness is expressed in the procurement of a variety of election materials for the election including ballot boxes, thumbprint pads, stationery, identification jackets, polling station booths, rechargeable lamps, indelible ink, educational posters, seals among others.


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