There appears to be a groundswell of opposition to the estimated $25 million budget for the Black Stars to participate in the 2022 AFCON and the World Cup qualifiers.

Sports enthusiasts and those who are not into football alike have shown cynicism about this announced figure.

Their reasons are just simple; that in spite of the millions of dollars injected into our the Ghana Black Stars during such tournaments, we cannot boast of anything worth celebrating.

In fact, they point out, it’s been decades since Ghana won AFCON but we have been overtaken by some African countries who had not achieved any laurels when Ghana won its last AFCON.

In effect, there is nothing to show for the huge investments made in the Black Stars. To them, there is no justifiable reasons for the country to continue ‘wasting’ monies on a venture that has not yielded any fruits to us.

Part of the problem, in fact, a huge chunk of the problem has to do with football management by those at the helm of affairs of Ghana football.

Governments after governments have supported the Black Stars in every possible way but nothing concrete has come out of these supports.

While we are appealing to Ghanaians to let sleeping dogs lie over our past failures, the management of Ghana football at the GFA must be told that Ghanaians aren’t ready to welcome another round of failure this time round.

We must get our money’s worth in terms of the coveted AFCON trophy to appease Ghanaians who have been thirsty for far too long in terms of laurels.

If the Black Stars fail to bring home the ultimate in 2022, there wouldn’t be any motivation and justification for the state to continue sponsoring the Black Stars for such tournaments.

A lot rest on Kurt Okraku and his team to justify these huge investments. The status quo must change. It must not be business as usual. Black Stars must go and bring the AFCON trophy!

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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