Why Will 2 MP’S Clothe The Entire Party In Shame?

Why Will 2 MP’S Clothe The Entire Party In Shame?

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Hon. intelligent and special human being, remember you were sponsored by the New Patriotic Party and not your ancestors.

People embarked on a health walk against medical advice, people campaigned despite terrible weather conditions, others died to advance the course of the party. A mother of 2 was ejected from her home simply because she insisted to her landlord that she would forever remain a member of NPP.

People have suffered permanently and indeed continue to suffer because of accidents they encounter in the course of serving the NPP, marriages have been broken all in the name of NPP.

People are currently in prison because of NPP, others have had their businesses collapse because of the NPP.

People have unfortunately contracted serious medical conditions all in the name of serving and dedicating their lives to the New Patriotic Party.

Thousands voted for you because they trusted you to represent their interests, money and sleepless nights were invested in you, resources were thrown at the disposal of every parliamentary candidate, poor constituents sacrifice their all… yet 2 human beings decided to bury our dreams, decided to clothe the entire Party in shame, decided to break the hearts of over 6.7million people, decided to disappoint the spirit of our forebearers.

Decided to sacrifice our pride and then wipe their ugly faces with the back of their palm…..

Look at the pain, agony, frustration, resentment and tears your actions have brought!

What shall it profit 2 rat-intelligent, snake-sophisticated, dog-principled MPs to disappoint, bring pain to over 6.7million patriots and bring smiles to the NDC???

Carlos Ahenkorah and the many others who showed up to be counted, God Bless you..

The Voice of Dr. Richard Asante Yeboah.
Deputy National Communications Director, NPP


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