We’ll Ensure A Focused House Despite ‘Regrettable’ Inauguration Scuffles – Parliamentary Service

We’ll Ensure A Focused House Despite ‘Regrettable’ Inauguration Scuffles – Parliamentary Service

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The Parliamentary Service has admitted that the incidents that occurred in the build-up to the inauguration of the 8th Parliament on Thursday, January 7, 2021 were utterly regrettable.

Several unfortunate incidents marred the inauguration of the new Parliament on the said date.

Following disagreements over the seating arrangements, after National Democratic Congress (NDC) MPs filled the side of Parliament usually occupied by the Majority, the subsequent election of a new Speaker was disrupted by the kicking of the ballot boxes, scuffles between the legislators and the snatching of cast ballots by an MP.

The invasion of the House by military personnel was yet another blemish on the Parliamentary proceedings.

These incidents have been met with widespread condemnation and criticism among some stakeholders, political party leaders and even reputable members of the House.

However, a statement issued by the Parliamentary Service and signed by its Director of Public Affairs, Kate Addo, indicated that while the acts were undesirable, it is very much hopeful that it will not affect the effective and united running of parliamentary business.

“Parliament wishes to acknowledge the events that characterized the inauguration of the 8th Parliament and wishes to state that while most of the actions during the night were regrettable, Parliament would, however, like to put them behind it and work towards a more focused, unified membership aimed at promoting the best Parliamentary practices and good governance”, the statement said.

Also, the Parliamentary Service patted itself on the back, explaining that its staff members in a collective effort were able to maintain order amidst the brawl which is evident in the resolution reached between the two sides of the house leading to the election of the Speaker.

Portions of its release read, “admittedly, it was a difficult night and most of the staff including the Clerk to Parliament bore the brunt of some actions from the Floor. It must be pointed out that, the staff at all times during the night remained calm and saw a peaceful resolution of all the issues, which culminated in the successful selection of the Speaker of Parliament.”

It has therefore expressed its strongest indication of ensuring that the 8th parliamentary session of the 4th Republic is able to deliver on its mandate as expected without hitches.

“Parliament would like to assure all citizens that its staff are dedicated to assisting the Speakership, Leadership and the entire Membership of Parliament in the discharge of their duties”, the statement concluded.


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