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The twice – defeated flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama, has dismissed calls from discerning Ghanaians to desist from street protests since the party has petitioned the Supreme Court.

In a post on his Facebook timeline, the beleaguered former president has made it abundantly clear to Ghanaians that though the party’s NEC has met and agreed to petition the apex court of the land, the street protests would not stop.

“The National Democratic Congress has decided to proceed to the Supreme Court to contest the results of the rigged elections of December 7. The decision follows a meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of our party on Tuesday in Accra.

While in court, the NDC will continue all legitimate actions, including protests, to demand the enforcement of the rule of law and protection of life and property of the good people of Ghana”

This new direction comes as a strange phenomenon to many Ghanaians who believe that petitioning the highest court of the land should have marked an end to these disruptive protests by the party across the country.

Though unclear what reliefs the NDC would be seeking in its petition against the results, Ghanaians believe resorting to a court action is the best solution out of the lots. They cannot, therefore, bring themselves to accept the party going to court and embarking on demonstrations as well.

Mr. Mahama, based upon the comments following his post on Facebook, is being impressed upon to rescind this decision about protests. The coming days will reveal whether he has listened to these concerns or not.


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