Ghana Is Indeed A Bastion Of Democracy In Africa – Peace Ambassador

Ghana Is Indeed A Bastion Of Democracy In Africa – Peace Ambassador

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Dr. Prize McApreko, a Senior Lecturer at the Takoradi Technical University, says the prevailing peaceful political aura of post 2020 elections continue to leave Ghana as a bastion of democracy on the continent.

He added that Ghana was truly in search of good governance and thanked the electorates, candidates, the media, civil society, state institutions, state and non-state actors, for demonstrating commendable commitment to decorum and the cause of peace.

Dr. McApreko, also a Peace programme Ambassador for the PhD/MA programme in International Studies in Peace, Conflict and Development at the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, Universitat Jaume I, Castellon- Spain told the Ghana News Agency that it was very imperative that the country’s electoral victory was consolidated as a progressive collective responsibility.

He stated that the challenges associated with the election process and the civil manner in which these challenges received redress by appropriate authorities was indicative that the choice of a people to resolve challenges amicably through approved structures and live in peace and respect for one another was always possible.

“Ghana’s electoral victories should begin to be conceived as shared victory which spans beyond partisanship because the presidency and the governance system in their true senses are about management of the entire republic.”

Dr. McApreko currently a visiting lecturer to the Institut National Polytechnique Felix Houphouet-Boigny, Yamoussoukro- Ivory Coast, said the isolated challenges of irregularities, as characterized by all human institutions, was a call for all stakeholders to effectively stratgize to ensure that such isolations were carefully minimized or completely eliminated.

He added, “Having duly gone through the various stages of the voting processes, with party representatives playing their watchful roles with eagle eyes, electorates have demonstrated important commitment to approve structures in addressing democratic concerns… In the end, irrespective of the presidential candidate who secures the Golden Fleece, the peace and the good people of Ghana should emerge as principal winners.”

Dr. McApreko said the close voter score recorded at the end of the election underscores great followership for the two main major party flag bearers, whose followership will converge in Parliament to deliberate on national affairs.

“This is good cause for Ghana to rejoice as in Guadeamus Igitur for the collective decision it has made through the ballot boxes.”

He entreated all the sides of the political divide to come together as a common nation to enjoy what has been collectively done, an unwavering responsibility to recognize the contribution of all.

The independent candidates, members of the famous or infamous “skirt and blouse” fraternity might not be the best of comrades, but they will bring a wealth of experience and changing dynamics on board.

The Peace Ambassador emphasize need for the President-elect to strive and do business with the smaller parties all in the larger interest of Ghana…the olive branch to them all.

On those who might be aggrieved with the turnout of events, Dr. McApreko entreated that they turn to the appropriate state institutions of competent adjudication for redress rather than resort to violence, which would eventually negate and reverse the over two decades of Ghana’s flagship leadership in peace, democracy, human rights and good governance.

“Ghana has no excuse for resorting to violence because too many examples abound. In many of them, Ghana has served as key mediators in brokering and restoring peace. As key players in international peace keeping missions, Ghana absolutely cannot justify a resort to violence.”

Ghana, should strengthen the capacity and integrity of state institutions to deliver in truth and fairness to all manner of people in all situations…This way, durable democracy may forever flourish in freedom and justice for all, the Peace Ambassador added.


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