Citi TV Debate: Sinking Murtala Fails To Show Proof After Lying On National TV

Citi TV Debate: Sinking Murtala Fails To Show Proof After Lying On National TV

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Former MP for Nanton Constituency, Murtala Mohammed’s smear campaign against the NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Tamale Central, Dr. Ibrahim Anyars fell flat during a debate on CITI TV.

Murtala Mohammed was totally floored on CITI TV when he failed to show proof of many allegations he had made against Dr. Anyars in the run-up to the December 7th elections.

The CITI TV LIVE Debate dubbed ‘2020 Parliamentary Elections: Focus On Tamale Central’ was hosted by Broadcast Journalist Bernard Avle

The debate sought to assess the two parliamentary candidates and what they have to offer for the people of Tamale Central.

Some of the allegations he made were Dr. Anyars not a Ph.D. Scholar, gunshots in Tamale Central in 2016 elections, among several others.

It turned out at the CITI TV debate that there was no proof to back his allegations.

Dr. Anyars currently leads NABCO with over 100,000 young people. He cites his effective leadership of the scheme as a major advantage when it comes to who can credibly lead the Constituency.

Making a comparison with his opponent, Dr. Anyars suggested that if Murtala could not survive longer than one term in rural Nanton, then quite clearly Tamale Central, as a populous urban setting, is way above his league.

In another breadth, reacting to this, a member of Dr. Anyars’ campaign team said all these shows that “the alternative is not only deceptive and scary but damn right empty.”

“Kudos to Dr. Anyars for exposing the eviscerating lies and propaganda of the Nanton one ‘Sokam ny3ya’ (Everyone has Seen). First no Ph.D. was a disgraceful and condescending lie and he was still arrogant enough not to address Anyars Ibrahim as Dr. Anyars.

…Secondly, some framed up violence and gunshots on 7th December 2016. Total falsehood on a grand scale. The people of Tamale Central Constituency deserve some respect, at least. Don’t use the wrong kind of education and mentoring to run down your own people.” Dr. Anyars campaign team reacted

He continued …”Allah is with us and Dr. Anyars, come 7th December the votes will speak for you. To us, we have heard and seen and have decided. The odds are not in favour of a candidate looking to correct unforgivably yet deliberately orchestrated mistakes. Tamale Central deserves better.”


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