I have seen many facebook posts regarding the US election. What the NDC communicators are told to do is to create some sort of illusion in the minds of Ghanaian that Joe Biden and John Mahama share the same aspirations and ideas and hence, a win for Joe is necessarily a win for John.

Many are using the coincidence of previous years to predict the upcoming election in Ghana. This is not a concrete or superior political marketing tool but a fortunate stroke of serendipity.

Now see, 👉 the only scandal or baggage Joe had before this election was his son’s involvement in business deals in Ukraine.

While JM has tons of baggages like Papano, Government Official 1, Ford gift Saga et al. Not to talk about bad management of the economy, crony capitalism and the famous incompetent tag-TIO.

Find time to check the campaign managers of Joe. Not a single one comes with baggage. Can we say same for JM?

His election Director, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah was involved in the SA world cup chop chop. After weeping like a child before a competent committee of enquiry, he is today acting so manly, threatening the EC and nation of defiance come December 7th.

Asiedu Nketia turned owner of block factory overnight; after 2008. With all the block factory money, he’s son benefited from Government scholarship.

Yaw Ampofo is in court over some unguarded audio of him instigating the party to take the EC to the cleaners and, through mischievous means, render this country ungovernable.

Currently one of the young men with sharp teeth i’m told has grown from sharp teeth to sharp waist. Instead of ‘door to door’ to help JM, he is engaged i’m told once again in ‘door to bed campaign’ .

The other young cow boy is doing one radio station, ten lies. Insults upon insults is his claim to fame.

The wife of Joe Biden was thick and very part of her husband’s campaign. Can we say same of the wife of John Mahama? No!🤷‍♂️

Political victory is not transferable like Bluetooth. Its borne out of hard work and marketing good candidate and policies.

Don’t waste your time over these jokes – for Joe is not John.


Murtala Mohammed

News Politics