I’m Disappointed In Amidu For Labelling Me As ‘Government Official 1’ – Mahama

I’m Disappointed In Amidu For Labelling Me As ‘Government Official 1’ – Mahama

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Former President John Mahama has expressed disappointment in the Special Prosecutor for naming him as Government Official 1 in the Airbus Scandal.

The NDC flagbearer said Martin Amidu has no basis to proceed and investigate him because he accrued no financial benefit from the Airbus contract.

“Not a single dollar,” he said.

His comment follows a claim by Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu that Mr Mahama is the mysterious ‘Government Official 1’ in the Airbus Scandal.

After his corruption risk assessment report of the controversial Agyapa Royalty deal, the Special Prosecutor mentioned that he has identified the former President as ‘Government Official 1.’

He added that, his office is not interrogating Mr Mahama because he is the presidential candidate of the biggest opposition party in the country in the upcoming elections.

The NDC flagbearer, however, has rubbished the claim.

Reacting to this, John Mahama said this is a tactic by government and the Special Prosecutor to implicate him and divert attention from the findings on the Agyapa deal in the report.

“I’m surprised. It is obvious why this paragraph is coming out. This damning report was coming out, and I’m disappointed in Martin Amidu for putting that paragraph there just to equalise and bring up airbus as if it was a major issue,” he noted.

He reaffirmed his claim that he had no hand in the Airbus scandal. He further dared the Special Prosecutor to provide evidence of the claim, if indeed Mr Amidu conducted investigations into the scandal.

“I’ve had my say on the Airbus issue. No financial benefit accrued to me. And the point is even that, there is no basis for the claim,” he said.

The former President dared Mr Amidu to bring evidence of the claim if indeed, his findings revealed him as the Government Official 1.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) in July issued a Red Notice for Samuel Adam Fosters aka Samuel Adam Mahama in connection with his role in the Airbus bribery scandal.

He is being sought for allegedly accepting bribe to influence a public officer and acting in collaboration with a public officer for the public officer’s private gain.

A Red Notice is a request to law enforcement worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action.


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