Matilda Alomatu  Celebrates 50th Birthday With A Visit To The Autism Awareness, Care, Training – AACT

Matilda Alomatu Celebrates 50th Birthday With A Visit To The Autism Awareness, Care, Training – AACT

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A director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Matilda Alomatu Osei-Agyeman has celebrated her 50th birthday with a visit to the Autism Awareness Care Centre earlier in the week.

During her interaction, Matilda Alomatu, who is a former Miss Ghana and ECOWAS told the founder of the institution, Mrs. Serwah Quainor, that the visit to the charitable institution was occasioned by her own increasing understanding of people with the condition based on her close relationship with a family member who has the condition.

The Centre, located at Haatso is set to welcome pupils, in January 2021, in line with Government COVID Protocols.

Most of the children will be joining from underprivileged families who lack the resources to enable their wards benefit from the training required for the Autistic children.

Matilda Osei-Agyeman, on behalf of her children, Amma and Kwame, made a donation to cater for the upkeep of 2 children for 6 months.

She also pledged to seek assistance from willing individuals towards the construction of Astro turf grass at the entrance of the Centre.

Matilda emphasised that autism teaches us humility and acceptance of our individual differences, adding that autistic people have very important roles to play in society, thus urged society to turn attention on them to assist that in order to avoid social exclusion and isolation.

She also called for support for care institutions who have committed their time and resources to create awareness for the benefit of all.

Matilda Osei-Agyeman also admitted that most people are guilty of unwelcome attitudes towards autistic people be it from our body language, comments and blatant maltreatment of such individuals but with better understanding of the condition, we would all be loving our neighbours as ourselves.

Matilda paid tribute to her formidable mother, Mrs. Cecilia Alomatu, whom she said encouraged her to be selfless.

She also recognized Mrs. Barbara Baeta, founder and owner of flair catering services for instilling in her charitable attitude.

AACT is a local support and education centre for children with autism that was founded in 1998 by Mrs. Serwah Quaynor, a mother of a child with autism.

Since creating the Centre, Mrs. Quaynor has worked tirelessly to help parents of children with autism in Ghana to understand better the disability and to feel that there is a safe place to go for support and help.


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