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Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in charge of Legal and Prosecution of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Lydia Donkor has urged Ghanaians especially men and women in uniform to donate blood on a regular basis in order to stay more healthy and vibrant in the performance of duty.
According to her, giving blood on voluntary and regular basis should be the desire of every citizen because many people depend on blood as a drug to manage their health conditions.
ACP Lydia Donkor on Monday, October 26, 2020 donated blood at the National Blood Service to mark her birthday. She said the decision to donate blood on her birthday was to give back to society and to serve as a motivation to others to do something amazing for humanity at all times.
ACP Lydia Donkor who is also the Chairperson of the Police Ladies Football Club said she is committed to making blood donation on her birthday a sustained exercise.
She encouraged other people who have their birthdays on the same day as she has, to join her each year on her blood drive expedition so that many more people would also take advantage to experience blood donation.
According to her, she was genuinely motivated to become a blood donor when her father was on admission and needed blood during emergency. “After going through the successful process of accessing several units of blood for my father during that emergency period, I came to appreciate the work of voluntary blood donors and that inspired me to be a blood donor and I am happy that my blood can also save someone.’” She added that after making her few donations also, accessing blood is no longer a major challenge but rather, depending on the availability of blood, accessing blood should not be a difficulty, especially with your donor card / certificate.
A brand Ambassador for the National Blood Service, Maame Kwaaba Stephens, who joined ACP Lydia Donkor in solidarity reiterated the fact that, many people needed blood even during this period of COVID-19, therefore there was the need for every healthy individual, 17 years to 60 years to donate at least twice in a year in order to make the blood banks efficient.
Ms. Stephens used the opportunity to call on Ghanaians to disregard all negative myths surrounding blood donation but rather desire to know more about the health benefits to donors and the fact that many lives are saved when one gives blood.

ACP Lydia Dinkie donating blood and standing by her is Ms. Kwaabah Stephens, a Brand Ambassador, for the national blood service.