NDC Will Not Hide Behind Empty Slogans Like 1D1F – Sammy Gyamfi

NDC Will Not Hide Behind Empty Slogans Like 1D1F – Sammy Gyamfi

The Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, has said the NDC will not hide behind empty slogans like One District – One Factory.

According to him, his party will rather provide strategic factories in agro-production and processing zones in the country.

“A place like Akumadan is an agro-production and processing zone and therefore we will focus on a strategic factory for the processing of tomatoes because that is what the area is known for.

“So this is what we are seeking to do, not to just hide behind an empty slogan like 1D1F when in reality there is nothing like that on the ground,” he said

Speaking at the 14th edition of the party’s weekly briefing, the Communications Officer stressed that the party is not interested in making promises but to create an environment where farmers can access equipment and logistics they need to expand their farms and produce more.

“The NDC is not promising a 1D1F, our alternative is different, we are talking about the establishment of Agro production and processing zones across the country, especially in major crop-producing areas,” he noted.

Giving more details, Mr Gyamfi said the Bono East Region where the main crop is cashew will be an agro production and processing zone for cashew should the NDC be voted into power.

“We will provide them with cheaper credits so that those who want to go into large scale farming can go into that and as part of that, help them market their produce which include processing of their cashew,” he said.

The region will not only be provided with a factory and a marketing board, but farmers will be provided with cheaper credits and assistance to aid in the marketing of their produce.

“We will have the same arrangement for cocoa growing areas and other areas in the country,” he added.

He was optimistic that, Ghana “will not only process what we produce, add value, increase our foreign exchange earnings but also create sustainable and permanent jobs.”

Mr Gyamfi also used the opportunity to appeal to Ghanaians to vote the NDC into power come December 7, 2020


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