Inasmuch as I won’t begrudge those of the view that, it may be early days yet to praise our Parliamentary front after reading this harmless piece, same benefit of doubt must be afforded to the adage that, a fruitful or a joyous weekened is dependent on a” good friday”.

The above position stems from the fact that, ever since the party nominated the two law makers to lead the majority front, government programs and policies have not been held in abeyance as people expected and same is an indication that, this will continue till the end.

Many people were of the view that, since on the face of reality, government doesn’t have the overwhelming numbers, business of the day in the house emanating from government could face possible obstruction. What actually motivated peoples thought was the fact that, the speaker of the house happens to be an opposition member. Something which has never happened since the inception of the fourth Republic.

Today, everybody can attest to the successful vetting of Cabinet Ministers, Regional Ministers and the approval of government budget which was read by the Majority Leader on behalf of the Finance Minister who was indisposed at the time.

The Minority on the other side must also be commended for the said unified cooperation which has left many people including their support base in doubtful doubt. Hon.Muntaka Mubarak in one of his interviews with Evans Mensah on Joynews on 16th March,2021 made it clear that, even though they are ready to offer assistance to this government, same must not be miscontrued as a form of compromise to the detriment of their constituent.

It is important to note that, every Majority Leader automatically becomes the leader of the house as well as leader of government business. With this kind of daunting task, much is required from the leader in bringing the two caucasus together to be able to cut through successfully in a supposed hung Parliament. This kind of breakthough could not have been achieved but for the fact that, we have two experienced heads leading the Majority front who are working assiduously so that government business in the house would be executed smoothly without hinderance.

Such unrelented pursuit by the Majority Leader and his Deputy is the reason why Ghanaians are currently witnessing the ever unprecedented collaborative cooperation in the house even under a hung Parliament.

As it stands now, the fear of having an opposition member as a Speaker/ Ruler” of the house is no longer with us. That fear has vanished due to the smooth Parliamentary proceedings we keep enjoying.

Leaders of the house must be celebrated as well as members of both caucasus for this wonderful endeavor


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