The Supreme Court Must Charge Ayine For Contempt

The Supreme Court Must Charge Ayine For Contempt

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Sadness permeated my system like cold water taken to quench thirst when I listened to the comments of Dr. Dominic Ayine after the ruling of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

The former Deputy Attorney General, addressing the press after the ruling slighted the bench. Ayine contemptuously accused the Justices of the Supreme Court to be unfair to the petitioner.

He asserted that the bench came out with a predetermined verdict, indicating that the Justices of the Supreme Court ignored the law and ruled in favour of the First Respondent.

Such a statement coming from a lawyer the caliber of Dominic Ayine is not only unfortunate but also unfair to the bench. He cast a slur on the Justices for no apparent reason.

In his narrow-mindedness, Dominic Ayine holds the view that the Supreme Court is stifling Ghanaians from knowing the truth about Jean Mensa as she is being prevented from accounting for her stewardship in the 2020 elections.

What Dominic Ayine fails to grasp is the fact that you don’t go to the Supreme Court under Article 64 (1) which talks about elections’ petition and expect that you would be allowed to let the EC account for their work.

Accountability can be done in Parliament not at the Supreme Court. As a former Deputy Attorney General, it is strange that he is making such pronouncements which are not consonantal to the article upon which they went to court.

Dominic Ayine is gripped with confusion hence these disjointed and reckless statements. Ayine must be summoned by the Supreme Court for such contemptuous comments. Their case is lame and ought to be withdrawn forthwith.


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