Stop parading yourself as an economist, you are an accountant – Isaac Adongo Told

Stop parading yourself as an economist, you are an accountant – Isaac Adongo Told

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Development Economist and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Ghana, Dr. George Domfe, has told Isaac Adongo to stop parading himself as an economist when he didn’t read economics at the university.

Dr. Domfe, who clashed with Isaac Adongo on Accra-based Hot 93.9 FM’s Morning Dew show hosted by Kwabena Prah Jnr, told the NDC’s Legislator for Bolga Central to stop feeding Ghanaians with his ignorance because he is not an economist and does not understand most of the things he shares his opinions on.

“I wonder why you carry yourself as an economist and speaks to economic issues as though you are an authority in that field. You and I know that you are not an economist” Dr. Domfe stated.

“You read Business Administration as your first degree, MBA and Chartered Accountant as your courses. What makes you an economist with these courses you pursued? You are an accountant and not an economist” Dr. Domfe explained further.

Most of the things the NDC MP speaks to, according to Dr. Domfe, are beyond him because he doesn’t understand them.

Adongo in his defense said that he read courses in micro and macro economics while having his first degree and read managerial economics as one of the courses in his MBA and that makes him an economist.

In his rebuttal, Dr. George Domfe pointed out to Adongo he has taught managerial economics at University of Ghana Business School and that cannot aid one to be an economist as and parade himself as such.

“Reading Managerial Economics in a semester is not enough for you to be referred to as an expert in economics for which reason you’d be granting interviews as if you are an economist”

The University of Ghana economist further explained to Adongo that reading such courses in one or two semesters as part of a whole program does not adequately help one to fully understand Ghana’s economy or any other economy for that matter.

“As a business student, these are basic things you are taught to grasp a few concepts and they do not make you an economist.

These are far away from understanding economics. Stop misinforming the general public about the program you pursued, for you are not an economist but an accountant” Dr. George Domfe scolded him.

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