Jonny Beresford Hughes is an ignoramus minion

Jonny Beresford Hughes is an ignoramus minion

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Johnny Beresford Hughes is a fool with access to a microphone, from whose decrepit mouth containing completely rotten teeth, always come nonsensical pronouncements, motivated by blinded affinity for ndc.

On countless occasions, this minion, with his brain dislodged from the cranium and firmly tagged in the scrotum, has made totally useless and delusional pronouncements that I was put in charge of SIGA.

Indeed, I’ve responded to him, equally severally, that, at no point, whatsoever, have I ever been appointed boss of SIGA, and that, my 2-year secondment wasn’t even to SIGA, but State Enterprises Commission.


I was on secondment to then-State Enterprise Commission which has been completely ran aground by his beloved ndc, prior 2017. So Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in 2017, appoint a boss for SEC, not SIGA, which wasn’t me.

My task at then-SEC which had been ran down and wasn’t functional, was to assist in actualisation of SIGA by merging SEC and Divestiture Implementation Committee, and the task was delivered on time.

I’m not a lawyer, but with my all-round knowledge and consciousness, chaired a sub-committee which drafted the constitution of the Chamber of CEOs of SOEs, which didn’t exist, but we brought into being.

We used to work from dawn to dusk during performance evaluation sessions for the SOEs, when Jonny Beresford Hughes was fast-asleep and snoring heavily with thick offensive saliva oozing from his unkept mouth.

SEC boss

And for the records, then-State Enterprise Commission had a boss, when I was seconded there 2018; I was never an employee at SEC. But with all the available and readily available records notwithstanding, this minion and overt ndc propagandist, wouldn’t listen.

I was actually in the thick of affairs in drafting the State Interests and Governance Authority(SIGA) bill, and sat in meetings with our development partners during the drafting.

Revamped website

Again, I revamped the-comatose website of SEC after creation of SIGA with live interactive windows to provide updates to the public. I, judiciously, wrote stories on all key activities of SIGA.

As a result, Malawian government delegation came to understudy our transformational acumen, after interaction with us on activities posted on the revamped and vibrant SIGA website. These records are all available for any sensible person to access.

I remember when the SIGA bill was ready, we organized a media engagement sensitization at the La Palm Beach hotel.

My mistake

And the worst mistake I made was inviting TV3 Ghana, because they sent Johnny Beresford Hughes, who only came to fight over food and soli, and posed his characteristic nonsensical questions. At every 5minutes interval, he got up from the meeting to smoke several sticks of unknown ‘herbs’.


Today, I will give Johnny Beresford Hughes a scoop: his employer Media General Ghana yanked him from Tv3 Ghana and dumped him in a cardboard box at 3FM 92.7 because his co-hosts allegedly complained of his chronic halitosis.

And since I got this scoop, I have, religiously, advised him to pay attention to his oral hygiene, but it’s obvious my admonitions have all gone completely unheeded, and the dirt in his mouth has since gone from bad to terrible.

Decent colleagues

I heard him this morning, desperately roping-in Berla Mundi, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Cookie Tee and Roland Walker into his fights with shadow enemies.

It’s obvious the battle has become too much for him to handle and therefore seeking to call for re-enforcement.

But I would ask him not to engage in that nonsense because these colleges of his, though exhibit bias tendencies, are very decent in how they treat audience of TV3 Ghana and other Media General platforms.

Bite and sting

From Monday to Friday, you put a microphone to your rotten teeth and unkept mouth to insult anybody who disagrees with your line of warped narratives on issues, but think nobody must respond to you, because you’ve clothed yourself with a dirty blanket of delusional infallible and misguided sense of invincibility.

If you claim to be all-knowing, then, how could a mentally-challenged individual award you with a feeding bottle as a plaque, for an unknown achievement?

I have said this in the past, but I guess I’ve got to repeat myself since it appears you forgotten: YOU HAVE THE MICROPHONE 🎤 AND I HAVE THE PEN🖊️; ANYTIME YOU BITE WITH LIES AND IGNORANCE 🐜, I WILL STING 🐝 WITH FACTS AND FIGURES.

Literally, you have an offensively foul mouth to rant and rave, and I have fingers, sharp and precise as a surgeon’s scarple, to write. So, let the battle continue!!!!

Justice A. Newton-Offei

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