I have read a piece penned by Gary Al-Smith as a response to one of Manasseh Azure Awuni’s anti-Akufo-Addo effusions.

Gary’s inclinations, as can be seen in his written opinion, chime with that of Manasseh and all those who have jumped on to the bandwagon of a so-called culture of silence that has supposedly engulfed media practitioners under this government.

Gary Al-Smith says that they kept Mahama on his toes unlike what is happening under this current government. He also mentions that the clergy and CSOs have also not lived up to expectations with respect to criticizing the Akufo-Addo administration in relation to how they bastardized JDM.

He pontificates further that there are legitimate fears among these groups about being silenced through communist tactics and through a seeming governmental will to chase down those who speak against the administration.

First of all, when did Gary Al-Smith ever criticize JDM when he was president? This umbrella-blooded journalist always heaped sycophantic praises on Mr. Mahama at the time. He has no moral justification to be writing this response.

I find it logically incongruous when these people expect the clergy to pounce on this administration for no apparent reasons. The clergy took on Mahama so at all cost they have to do same to Akufo-Addo even when he has not done anything warranting criticisms? This is disappointing coming from Gary!

Our CSOs have been more vociferous in this era than under Mahama. The fire and brimstone the IMANIs, CDDs and their other siblings have brought upon this administration can never be bested by that of John Mahama!

This mantra of journalists being chased down or out of this country for speaking their minds is a mischievous ploy to make gullies out of mere holes. The same journalist who goes about telling the world he was chased out received security protection from the administration he accuses of masterminding his so-called assassination attempt. They should tell these tales to the marines.

Gary Al-Smith, of course, has no conception of what communist tactics are. He has heard of the phrase and finds it convenient to employ same to help his colleague Manasseh in promoting JDM. Of course, gullibility-laden people would swallow these but discerning minds who are in the majority cannot be bought with such Kweku Ananse stories.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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