Dr. Gideon Boako writes: Demolishes Laughable Propaganda

Dr. Gideon Boako writes: Demolishes Laughable Propaganda

So I go into a contest with you. I get more votes than you but not sufficient enough to secure me the required 50% plus 1. You came next to me and instead of a second round contest you concede to me.

That’s nice. I acknowledge you in my acceptance speech and in order to ensure greater unity I indicate that you will come after me. Few months later you decided to abandone me and the team to fight our own fight on a flimsy excuse. Fair enough you rescind your decision and join us. We heartily accept you back. I go into the main contest but unfortunately lost.

Instead of keeping to the commitment of conceding to me to go again so you can come after you contest me. I lost and decided to go again and there again you did not concede to me but contested me. Once you do this you have withdrawn the commitment you made to me.

Should the assurance I gave you still hold even after you subsequently withdrew your commitment to me on two separate occasions? Once you withdrew your commitment the consequential assurance from me also stands withdrawn.

With this, any desperate and awkward attempt to create a false impression that an assurance for which tenets you have grossly violated still holds can only be laughable.