The appears to be a rather bitter, rancorous and sanguineous war between Dr. Dominic Ayine and the Justices of the Supreme Court for which the latter have petitioned Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council to investigate the former.

The former Deputy Attorney General is accused of questioning the independence of the Judiciary due to the manner the Supreme Court adjudicated the 2020 election petition.

Dr. Ayine, at a recently CDD-organized event, said that the apex court failed to apply procedure as well as the consistent and continuous dismissal of the petitioner’s applications or reliefs, and these, he emphasized, give impetus for his assertion that the Supreme Court isn’t independent.

Of course, one would have been exceedingly shocked if this never attracts the attention of the Chief Justice, and it’s just right that the Disciplinary wing of the General Legal Council is called upon to come into this matter.

I am perplexed, putting it mildly, to read some opinions which seek to scold the Chief Justice and his team of Justices of the Supreme Court. These critics say the Supreme Court and their judgments are not sacrosanct and same can, therefore, be subjected to critical scrutiny.

Indeed, the Supreme Court is not above criticisms. It is not beyond reproach, so it’s actions and inactions can be questioned. What these people fail to accept is the fact that criticisms are not the same as accusations. Dr. Dominic Ayine did not set out to critique the work of the Justices, he poignantly accused them of bias, bringing their reputations into disrepute.

Moreover, Dr. Ayine made similar comments in the course of the election petition which led to the Court citing him for contempt. He pleaded for clemency and was forgiven as he did not suffer any punishment.

These latest attacks on the Judiciary by Ayine clearly show that the NDC Member of Parliament was not remorseful from the earlier comments. He found another avenue to not only repeat the very contemptuous comments which nearly landed him in trouble but has also amplified same with more scurrilous and repugnant manner.

For the above reasons, I disagree vehemently with those who believe the Chief Justice and his team are being dictatorial, despotic and tyrannical in asking the General Legal Council to investigate the comments attributed to Dr. Ayine.

The General Legal Council, if it goes ahead to take this matter up, should not be seen as some monster of remorseless wickedness or cruelty. Ayine has soiled the image of the Justices of the Supreme Court.

P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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